List of applets on the CD

Some Math

Vector Addition
Vector Cross Product
Instantaneous Speed
Instantaneous Velocity
Integration as Sum of Volumes
Integration as Sum of Areas
Integration  and Differentiation
Cartesian Coordinates
Spherical Polar Coordinates

One Dimensional Motion
Reference Frames
Apply the Brakes
Catch Up
Avoid Crash
Boat and River
Relative Motion   

Two Dimensional Motion
Acceleration - A Primer
Projection from the Ground
Horizontal Projection from a Height
Projectile Motion - Displacement Vectors
Racing Blocks
Funnel & Ball
Motion Relative to Moving Surface
Circular Motion
Roll Away
Circle Plus
Circular Motion - accelerations
Moving On a Revolving Disc
Rotation On a Revolving Disc
Rolling on a Curved Surface   
Chase I
Chase II   

Block on an inclined plane
Centre of Mass
Rolling and slipping
Roll, hit and slip
A Coaster Ride
A Slipping Rod
Equilibrium of Blocks
Equilibrium of a Ladder

Friction on Inclined Surface
Friction on Horizontal Surface - Pull Force
Friction on Horizontal Surface - Push Force 
Kepler's Laws
Laws of Kepler (First & Second)
Laws of Kepler (Third)
Projection of a satellite
Close Earth Projection   
Central Forces
One Moving Particle
Many Moving Particles
Sling Shot   
Angular Momentum
Angular Momentum Vector
Angular Momentum - Uniform Motion
Rod Disc Collision
Change Axis   


Simple Harmonic Motion
Phase Difference
Forced Oscillations
Simple Pendulum
Spring Mass Oscillations
Double Pendulum
Lissajous Figures
Two Masses and a Spring
Two Masses and two Springs


Hear the Beats
Ripple Tank
Doppler Effect
Tranverse Waves
Tranverse Waves (Reference Circle)
Transverse Waves
Transverse Waves (Segment)
Adding Tranverse Waves - 1
Adding Tranverse Waves - 2
Reflection and transmission
Polarised Wave
Electromagnetic Wave
Longitudinal Waves
Longitudinal Waves
Adding Longitudinal Waves   
Molecular Motion
Brownian Motion
Electric Field Lines
Graphs of Electric Field and Potential
Electric field on the axis of a Ring
Power from Electric Cell
R - C Circuit
Charge in a Magnetic Field
Charge in electric and magnetic fields
Magnetic field of a Straight Wire
Magnetic field on the axis of a circular coil
Moving conductor in a magnetic field
Rotating conductor in a magnetic field
Electric Motor
Thomson's Postive ray Analyis
Fermat's Principle
Huygen's Principle
Huygens's Principle (Reflection & Refraction)
Multiple Reflections
Reflection at a plane Surface
Refraction at a plane Surface
Refraction of a ray through a Slab
Refraction of a beam through a Slab
Refraction through a Prism
Spherical Mirrors & Lenses
Optical Instruments
Young's Double Slit
Single Slit Diffraction
Double Slit Interference & Diffraction
Two Way Switch
Drift Velocity
Flow of Particles
Black Body Radiation
Color - Addition & Subtraction
Rain Bow Formation
Vernier Calipers
Lunar Phases
Moebius Strip
Methane Molecule